Frequently Asked Questions
Where are the apartments?  單位地點?
They are in Wan Chai, Causeway Bay and Sheung Wan area.
單位全部在 上環、灣仔、銅鑼灣地區,2-5分鐘就可步行到地鐵站.
灣仔: 太原街 & 莊士敦道,2-3分鐘到灣仔地鐵站A3出口
What units are available now? 現在有甚麼單位可以租用?
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 contact us to check for availability.  Our service manager will respond to your enquiry within the same business day.
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What is the rental rate? 租金大概多少?
The rate will be different depending on the apartments available.  The rate ranges from HK$5,200 to HK$14,000 per month.
不同地點、不同大小、不同樓層都會影響租金.  價錢HK$5,000- $14,000,價錢低於同類型單位市價,而且不需要支付地產中介費用.
Do you offer daily or weekly rentals? 可以短租嗎?
 The usual lease term is 1 year.  We will also do our best to accommodate shorter leases.  Definitely no daily or weekly rentals though.
 租約一般是1年梗約,  部分單位接受約, 不接受日租.
What is included? 大部分單位內包括:
The apartments are fully furnished.  The rental units usually include furniture, shower, bed, TV, microwave oven, air conditioner and wifi.
傢俱:雙人床(4 X 6)、床褥、枕頭等床上用品、衣櫃、小書檯
What is not included? 單位內包括:
Soap, detergent, toothbrush, towels, toothpaste, toilet paper and other consumable toiletries.  Your monthly rent will also NOT include any amount of utility (i.e. water and electricity).
Are the apartments serviced?單位有清潔服務嗎?
Housekeeping service is only available in Wan Chai (Johnston Road) units for every two weeks. The rest units are not available at the moment. However, our apartments are all centrally located with laundry shops nearby.

Do you charge an Agency Fee?
Because all the rental units are fully owned by us, we do not charge an Agency Fee.

How much is the deposit? 按金?
Furnished units: One month + $1,000 deposit is required. 
一般單位:一個月 + HK$1,000 按金
Flats: Two months deposit
The deposit is refundable within 2 weeks after check-out.
按金會在退租後2星期內以支票 / 匯款形式退回.

When is the starting day of my rent each month? 租約幾時開始?

It starts on the first day you move in.

Can I come and see the available units? 可以預約睇樓嗎?
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 contact us to arrange for an appointment. Our service managers will try their best to respond to your enquiry within the same business day.
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