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List of Wan Chai Furnished Flats for Rent

Wan Chai (Johnston Road)

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Wan Chai (Tai Yuen Street)

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Getting to Wan Chai

Wan Chai is one of the busiest commercial districts in the city. Our Wan Chai Furnished apartments for rent are located in the heart of the area. You will find many government buildings such as the HKSAR Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and Immigration office, the Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Art Center, and corporate headquarters in the area. They are all within walking distance from our list of furnished apartments in Wan Chai, which are located on Johnston Road and Tai Yuen Street. If your office is in Wan Chai or surrounding areas, you will be home in no time after work. You can save time spent on your commute time for sleeping, eating, drinking, or even some shopping in this bustling district. 

Best known for its nightlife

Wan Chai town is home to a wide range of hip cafes, Western pubs, European restaurants, and karaoke bars. These are surely affordable and more down-to-earth than the neighboring Western and Central District. So, you won’t have any trouble finding places to hang out and have the perfect weekend.


Wan Chai is also a popular retail destination where you can find the shopping district Causeway Bay. It is also home to Sogo, the 13-story Japanese department store, Hysan Place, Times Square, and several other smaller malls. Another Wan Chai’s attraction is the Happy Valley Racecourse. Needless to say, you will always have something to spend your money on in this part of town. 

Cuisine and Culture 

If you are visiting Wan Chai for a vacation, you should know that it is more than just a party district. It is known for its dim sum restaurants, cultural and historical temples, and relaxing trails, offering a diverse range of activities for tourists like you. For people who like to immerse themselves in heritage, the Hung Shing Temple and Pak Tai Temple are the places to visit. The famous ‘Toy Street’ and the Tai Yuen Street Market are only a few steps from our furnished apartments in Wan Chai. It is an alleyway full of stalls selling toys, clothing, accessories, and souvenirs. You will find all kinds of classics or trendy toys, decorations for various western or Chinese festivals.

The Wan Chai Heritage Trail & Market

Spend hours shopping or walking around before returning home. The popular Wan Chai Market is also just a block away from our Wan Chai furnished flats for rent. So, if you fancy making yourself a proper meal and are looking for ingredients, you can easily get fresh meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits if you feel like making a meal for yourself. The vendors sell everything from flowers to stationery, so whatever you need, you will find a stall that sells it. Even if you don’t have a shopping list, just the mosaic of colorful lanes is a must-visit.


Near our Wan Chai furnished apartments for rent, the area has so much to offer in terms of food, ranging from noodle shops, stylish cafes, eclectic eateries and upscale restaurants. You will surely find food that fits your budget to pamper yourself. Wan Chai is also home to many popular bars along Lockhart Road. You can go grab your dinner, a drink or two, and then go clubbing after a hard day of work. 


Wan Chai is a trendy, residential, creative, and business-focused community where you will find people of all ages. It is unlike any other district in the city. Stretching from the fire station in the east to the police headquarters in the west, this area is a mini-city. The area has grown so much and become the perfect place for you to live. All you have to do is find the right furnished apartments in Wan Chai for you.

Look No Further for Wan Chai Furnished Apartments for Rent

Wan Chai is a district that really needs no introduction. It is conveniently located near commercial districts, and is just a stone’s throw from anything you will ever need while staying in the city. It is a perfect blend of local and foreign lifestyles, and the varieties of apartments in the area are endless, and very affordable as well.


Our Wan Chai Furnished apartments for rent are newly renovated and stylishly decorated. All homes come fully furnished with brand new furniture and a private bathroom with a shower. Apart from this, you will also receive amenities at our Wan Chai furnished flats for rent like air conditioning, blackout curtains, bed with linens, and free WiFi.


What are you waiting for? Schedule a viewing session with us, and come check out our Wan Chai furnished flats for rent right now!